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Last year, a lot of California experienced drought. Then wildfires. Then flooding rains. It was difficult. Ancient trees and entire towns burned. Mudslides were completely unpredictable and could cover roads within minutes.

But what happened after that? A super, super bloom.

The seeds remained dormant during the drought, apparently weren't harmed during the wildfires, and were nourished, so nourished by the heavy rains. Then massive fields upon fields went into super bloom with flowers as far as the eye could see. A rare and amazing sight to behold.

So in your life, maybe the past year or several years have been fraught with pain. Things that crept up, were always a semi-problem, or came totally out of the blue. Painful losses through the passing of loved ones. Illness, destruction, financial difficulties, just about anything that could go wrong, did.

And maybe there are still scars like the burnt out stumps from those ancient trees, reminders of amazing days gone by.

But in the new, with only what you have now, I hope you choose to bloom.

Now, you may feel so tired, burnt out, and like you're standing on a smoking battlefield, stunned by all that happened and wondering how you're even here. So rest. Release through tears. Take it easy on yourself and treat yourself so well as you heal.

But when you feel ready, or even just ready to begin again, bloom. As big as you can, as best you can, in all the ways that you can.

Life is so fleeting and can be so challenging but it also has beauty, and joy, and kindness, heartfelt moments, roaring laughter, blissful experiences, hugs, and love. While you are here, whenever you can, be or experience all of the best things this world has to offer and enjoy them fully. You know what it's like to lose, to hurt, to suffer.

Now remember what it's like to live.

-Doe Zantamata


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