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Notice the Moments

Notice the moments...the calm, peaceful moments.

Like when you’re in the shower in the morning and the water and suds feel and smell so wonderful and you have your time in peace.

Or when someone you love is having a meal or watching a show they like and you’re there with them...whether they look back and see you looking at them or whether they don’t even notice your gaze. Breathe the moment of peace in and enjoy their very presence.

Or when you’re walking your dog and they’re looking around at the world and this is the best time of their whole day and they’re just happy to be there with you.

Or when all is quiet and it’s dark outside and someone you love very much is sleeping peacefully, all the  troubles of the day put on a shelf for tomorrow and their mind is free to dream, wander, and be at ease.

Enjoy these peaceful moments. Enjoy them every single day. The world may be turning upside down sometimes and things may be too expensive or have to be put off for next summer, next year, someday. But these  moments, these calm, peaceful moments...they can be yours to live, love and enjoy, each and every single day.

-Doe Zantamata 

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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