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Your effort matters.

Stop making excuses for people's inconsiderate behavior towards you and thinking you're being kind. You have to show the same consideration for yourself and your feelings as you do for those of other people. Otherwise, over time, no one else will even notice yours anymore. 

You don't have to get angry or make a big deal of it. If they don't notice, let them know. Calmly. If they offer an apology, hear it and accept it with a "thank you" instead of interrupting it and saying "it's ok." 

Create an awareness that your feelings, time, and effort actually do matter. Create that awareness both in yourself and extend it out to others. 

You'll be happier -- and happier with them -- long term.

-Doe Zantamata

Author of


Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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