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Top 10 Resolutions for the Next Year

1. Dream a little bigger, laugh a little louder, take seriously what needs to be taken seriously and shrug off what doesn't.

2. Make great memories, savor amazing moments (especially the small ones), ignite the love in your heart and take it with you wherever you go.

3. Stretch physically, mentally, and emotionally.

4. Believe in good things and that those good things can happen to you.

5. Receive them with gratitude when they do.

6. Give each day your best and know that even when things are rough, you can find peace within the silence of your mind.

7. Make time for you.

8. Become your biggest champion.

9. Make sure everyone you love knows exactly how much in both words and actions.

10. Hug a little longer, breathe a little deeper, and know that this truly is your year.

- Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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