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11 Things To Do When You are Feeling on Edge

11 Things to do when you're feeling on edge:

1. Take some deep, slow breaths
2. Read a book
3. Go for a walk
4. Play with your dog (or cat!)
5. Listen to music that puts you in a good mood
6. Meditate or Pray
7. Have a bath
8. Have a cup of herbal tea and take time to enjoy it
9. Go to a natural place; walking trail, beach, or lake, and walk or sit quietly noticing the beauty of the natural surroundings, sights, sounds, and the air.
10. Take a nap
11. Stretch

When you're fired up, angry, frustrated, and just about to blow up, you are not yourself. If you argue in this state, you may say things that you don't mean and that are hurtful.

Take some time to break that mood and energy and recharge. The energy needs to come out, whether it's going to boil over or diffuse. Putting yourself in peaceful or joyful situations on purpose with the intent of diffusing the energy is a simple but powerful way to regain your inner peace.

Things will still need to be dealt with, but thinking will be more rational in a more calm state of mind, and resolving instead of expanding an argument will be more possible.

Take care of you,
Doe Zantamata

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