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The Power of Your Words

The greatest power your words have is to your young children. 

Good or bad, those words define their beliefs about themselves, other people, and this life. 

They are watching. 

They are listening. 

They are being shaped. 

They are being defined. 

Those words will stay with them long after they've grown and will help or hinder them in their own relationships and in their navigation through life. 

They will pass those words down to their own children as truth. 

Be aware of your words, especially when you are feeling down, tired, or frustrated. Once spoken, they will echo long and deep. Make sure they empower, uplift, and inspire resilience. 

The greatest things they need to hear from you is that they are loved and accepted. With those two things as a foundation, their roots will grow strong. 

This will be your legacy.

-Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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