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Intuition and Creativity

Intuition and Creativity

One of the most amazing and magical ways of using intuition is with creativity. The art of thinking less and really enjoying and being in the moment of creative flow is a very personal but wholly fulfilling use of time.

There are many very famous artists, singers, songwriters, inventors, and authors who set their mind on their work, allow their mind to be in a receptive space, do it, and really enjoy it. Something opens up in them in which ideas, melodies, entire songs or books aren’t thought up but rather appear in their mind. Almost like a whisper in their ear. This is fully realized creative intuition. It’s a real gift and is very special.

Allowing yourself to be in that creative space and making time to be there is a form of meditation and will increase your intuition. It’s a place of peace, non-judgment, and openness. Even cooking, scrapbooking, redecorating a bathroom, rebuilding an old classic car, or making homemade soap can be a creative, meditative process.

You put pure, beautiful energy in and the live in the creative moment, not stuck on how it’s going to turn out exactly but with a goal in mind.  Solutions along the way aren’t thought about really hard and calculated, worked out with loads of math or complex thinkingthey are brilliant in hindsight but when in that space, ideas for certain things just “come to you.”  They arrive easily to a welcoming mind.  That’s why it’s so fun and such a gift, literally. It also teaches you that you have to be doing in order to receive them. This encourages you to do more to improve and to live more often in that place of connection.

Upon completion of projects made there, there’s a great feeling of joy and accomplishment. It’s a different kind of joy that can only be accomplished through allowing this creative zone to live through you because an experience of freedom and connection live in that work.

And again, it can be really good banana bread it doesn’t have to be the Sistine Chapel. Pure creation is a freedom of mind and a dance with the energetic field where you get to leave all your thoughts, worries, and problems for a little while.

Plus you make great stuff.

From the book, "Happiness in Your Life: Book Two - Intuition"
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