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Living a Happy Life

Not every day can be a great day, and some days are pretty awful. Emotions run our lives, good and bad. 

Some people use drugs to try to escape bad emotions, some over use alcohol to try and numb them, others use food to try and comfort them, or hours and hours of games or entertainment to distract themselves from them. 

Well when you realize all these methods of coping are doing is passing time or making more problems, you also realize that none of them are the answer. The answer is to create and build a life that doesn't need escape, numbing, or distraction in order to be happy. 

Knowing, loving, and accepting yourself is at the core. Daily meditation, prayer, counseling if needed, exercise for physical and mental health, and an honest evaluation of your closest relationships to see where they can be improved. 

Connecting with yourself and with those closest to you on a deep, loving level will provide the foundation for a life you can live in joy. 

Nothing can replace that and it is truly amazing. 

-Doe Zantamata


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