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Letting Go of Resentment and Moving on with Your Life

Resentment is a toxic emotion. When you feel it, your brain sends signals to produce stress hormones throughout your body. A surge of excitement and anger followed by feeling tired and drained. 

You know how people say "forgiveness is for you, not them?" On a chemical level, this is very true. Forgiveness is the opposite of resentment. 

Forgiveness only means to make peace with the past and let it go. Accept that things happened as they did, can't be undone, and move on. 

It doesn't do you any good to keep bringing up old stuff about people who hurt you and who are now out of your life. It doesn't make anything better, it just gives you a surge and drain of stress hormones and ruins part of your day today. They feel nothing but you relived and were again hurt by a day or a time that in physical reality just keeps becoming further and further in the past. 

Live in today and appreciate the good people who are in your life right now. Let the past fall away and be free. Today can be a day you used to dream of, but only if you're fully present in it. 

Forgiveness on so many levels really is for you...not them. 

-Doe Zantamata

Learn about Forgiveness and how to do it with the help of Doe's book: 


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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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