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Healing from a Bad Relationship

You're more open to what you believe is true and less open to what you don't. 

This is why if you're a positive person and you get tangled up with a not so positive job or relationship it's so hard to see until something clicks and all of a sudden in hindsight all the signs and red flags were right there. 

Part of healing is rebuilding your positive beliefs. They were eroded and worn down in that situation and it will take some time and effort to recover, but it's important to recognize the changes in you and resolve to become better, not bitter. 

Resilience is a huge key to lifelong happiness. 

Those who don't develop it will become stuck mentally and emotionally in places that don't even exist anymore physically. Your life can become even better than you could imagine, but first you have to believe it's possible and believe you deserve it. 

Great things will be, you'll see. 

-Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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