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Pain and Healing

Pain is pain. 

When it hurts, it hurts. 

Some well-meaning spiritual types will tell you to just send love and light to the person who caused your emotional pain or worse yet tell you that it only exists in your mind. Great, now you're not even allowed to feel. 

If a person inflicted a mental or emotional wound on you, on purpose or by accident, treat it the way you would treat a physical wound. Acknowledge that it hurts. Make sure you're a safe distance from them now and in the future if you can't trust that they won't do it again. 

If they did it on purpose, you can be a good person and still be angry with them. But focus on healing your wound. Don't expect or need them or anyone else to heal it for you. Know that the worse it was, the longer it may take to heal, and yes it may leave a scar. But if you care for it and protect it from further damage, it will heal and it won't hurt as much as it does today. 

Maybe one day you can send them love and light but if that day isn't today, that's ok. Focus on you. Send yourself all the love and light you've got in you and heal.

-Doe Zantamata

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