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Making the Most of Your Traits

You were born with and also have developed traits within your lifetime that are you. Don't try to change or stifle those traits, but use them in better ways if the current ways you're using them are not adding to or even taking away from your happiness.

If you like to care for and nurture...don't rescue potential partners/boyfriends/girlfriends. That leads to parent/child relationships where your needs won't be met and they'll resent you for feeling like you're trying to control them. Volunteer or seek work with children or the elderly or people who actually need care more than an able bodied adult.

If you like to argue and win and think of yourself as competitive...don't pick fights with family, friends, or on Facebook. You'll just waste time and damage relationships. Become an advocate for a good cause, run for public office, or go back to school and study law and become a legal professional. Fight for things you believe in that make a positive difference in the world.
Think stability in the home and challenge in the world. Your home and closest relationships should be focused on love, security, and a soft place to fall. When there is drama or chaos in close it can tear you apart.

Think of what your traits are and accept them and love them. They are amazing when used effectively and not wasted in the wrong places.

-Doe Zantamata

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