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Comparing. People say, "don't compare yourself to others," but that really only is true if a person is comparing with a negative or insecure mind.

If you see someone who appears more successful than you in health, relationships, or career, a negative mind may feel inferior and react with self punishment or envy towards the more successful person. That's a bad comparison. But if you have a positive or secure mind, the comparison may serve as inspiration to improve..."if they can do it, so can I." 

Same goes with comparing to people who appear less successful...a negative insecure mind may view them as lazy or bad people and feel superior. But that doesn't take into account compassion or where that person started out. They may have worked twice as hard to get half as far. Instead of putting them down, a more successful person may encourage or inspire them, or spark within them a belief that they can enjoy life more than their perceived limits currently allow.

Focus on your own journey and compete only with yourself. But don't be afraid to compare with compassion and optimism to be inspired or to inspire others along the way. Celebrate where you are, how far you've come, and the amazing future you have ahead of you.
-Doe Zantamata

Author of, Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma, the book that you can read in a night but it will change the way you see the world, forever.


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