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Thoughts, moods, mind

Treat your mind with care.
Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts multiply into moods, moods become a state of mind.
-Doe Zantamata

Positive beliefs create positive thoughts and don’t give as much weight to negative ones. Negative beliefs create negative thoughts and don't give as much weight to positive ones.

Unfortunately, a few positive thoughts can't turn around a negative state of mind.

Traumatic events can shift the mind suddenly from positive to negative and it may not be possible to "just believe" in more positive things. Support from friends, counseling, natural or prescription anti-depressants may be needed in order to shift back into your old self again.

If you feel like you used to be happier in general, don't resign yourself to thinking life must just be worse today than before. Even though it's tough to find motivation when you're not feeling motivated, that's the time you need it the most.

Choosing to believe differently won't fix everything, but it will help to start. The most simple belief to reintroduce--not easy-- but simple is:

Life is a gift. 

Look for everything in your life today that support this belief. Your health, your friends and family, pets, clean air, living in a place that's not at war…really look for all the good that surrounds you each moment of each day and let your heart feel that appreciation.

Those thoughts that you create will multiply and your mood will improve. Once your mood improves, it will be easier to see the good things and the bad things just won't get to you as much. They'll bounce instead of stick.

Be patient with yourself but persistent. Most everyone will have to go through this at one or many points in their lifetime. Not everyone will be able to get unstuck and unfortunately will become more bitter than they were before.

It's not just for you….everyone you come into contact with; strangers, friends, and family will all be affected by your energy and state of mind. Finding your happiness is actually a very selfless thing to do. In brightening your own light, you'll shine brighter on everyone else, too.

- Doe Zantamata

Author of "Happiness in Your Life - Karma"
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