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2015 took a lot away, but it gave a lot, too.

For some, it was their last year here. All new memories of them ended, and dealing with their loss began. But the only reason you see the end as a tragedy is because the beginning and middle were so amazing. In time, the end will fade and the memories of all other days will strengthen and bring joy and gratitude for what was in place of tears for what won't be anymore. Acceptance takes time. Missing someone takes getting used to. But it will happen.

What you've been given in 2015 is an unveiling of more of yourself. A clarity and realization of who you are, what you want, and what no longer serves you in life.

You've been given opportunities, taken some and left others. Make sure this year to take the ones that you really want even if they require courage, vulnerability, or hard work. Life is short, procrastination only causes regret. Don't leap before you're almost ready but don't try and wait until it's too late. Keep putting positive thoughts out there and you'll know when you're ready. When fleeting thoughts become constant and it feels wrong to stay where you are…that's when it's time to fly.

Knowing who you are and what you want are only the road map. Taking the steps to getting there are your life. Live it. Stop waiting and start doing. Believe in yourself and all the great things in store and act with confidence daily.

This time next year will look a whole lot different…a whole lot more like you.

-Doe Zantamata


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