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Love you.

Do you feel like no matter what you do, it's just not good enough?

Do you call yourself "stupid" if you misplace something or bump into something?

Do you still feel angry at yourself for things you have said or done that you regret?

It sounds like you need to forgive, accept, and love yourself some more.

Find a photo of yourself when you were a small child and look at it. Really look at it.

Realize the love and kindness for that little soul. Then remember that little soul IS you.

Adults didn't lose their license to learn, to make mistakes, or to do things less than perfectly. The more loving, accepting, and forgiving you are of yourself, the less you'll feel like you're not enough and the more motivated you will be to be yourself and achieve anything it is you wanted to achieve.

You'll also inspire others around you to love, accept, and forgive themselves. If we loved each other more than we criticized ourselves and each other, the world would look much different!

But it starts inside each of us and ripples on out.

It may sound too simple but it makes an enormous difference in the quality of your life.

That I can promise 100%.

~Doe Zantamata

Author of "Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma"


Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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