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Sometimes, people are so argumentative they'll put words in your mouth just so they can disagree with them.

Make a small effort to clarify, but recognize when there's just no point.

In those times, winning means walking away. Not everything can be resolved, but you can save yourself time and frustration by disengaging sooner rather than later. Disengaging is best done firmly but without excess emotion.

Saying, "I'm not going to argue with you," "that wasn't what I said/did," or even "that isn't true but think what you like" creates a distance and expresses that you're not going to get caught up in a heated dramatic argument.

Most people do it totally unaware of the stress and drama they cause unnecessarily. A lot are very insecure and see themselves as innocent victims in life, meaning they subconsciously have to create guilty villains.

If not you, then it will be somebody else until no one plays along. Then they'll have to face and deal with their real issues instead of seeking someone to blame for things in their life that are their responsibility.

-Doe Zantamata


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