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You can exhale before the result.

Do your best and think and be open to what else you can do for the best outcome. But then, breathe, let your mind off it and enjoy what surrounds you now.

Otherwise, you'll risk going into the world of anxiety, worry, and stress, and that doesn't help at all.

Worry thoughts can even block solutions from entering the mind. A big portion of life exists in between outcomes. Learning to enjoy those times increases the amount of time spent in happiness.

No one looks back and says,
"I really should have stressed out more."

You know, if you want to worry or stress... there is always something, and then always something else.

Some bill to be paid, some laundry to be done, some thing to achieve, accomplish, finish, or even start.

So why stress about it all?

Get it done and stay motivated to do stuff, but don't let anything consume your thoughts until it's done.

 Retrain the mind to be at peace now instead of always being focused on the need to get something else done before being able to feel peace...because there's always something else.

-Doe Zantamata


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