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A change in direction before it happens may seem like way too much work. 

But realize and remember momentum. 

Yes, it would take much less effort to continue on as is but if it isn't allowing you to feel good, to feel alive, or to wake up every day with positive anticipation then it has to change. If you really decide and commit, you'll find the time, energy, and courage to make changes. 

Even really big changes. 

And they may be incredibly challenging and cause all sorts of doubts to fire up within and you may at times wish you hadn't even bothered. 

But just when you've given it your best and things don't look too much different, you'll find that momentum has kicked in...but this time in the direction that you truly want to go. From there it will become easier and yet easier to continue. 

You'll wonder why you waited so long to begin.

-Doe Zantamata


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  2. i dont get what this post tries to say.. when we have given in our all.. energy.. dedication .. commitment and money towards our dream and still if nothing is happening.. what do we do ??? i dont think thats where momentum kicks in and i also dont think..things are much easier at that time... its just so hard to hold on... cause with all that energy still it dosent work..

    1. Dear Anu Fernando, It can seem very frustrating. I've also had that experience. Once you decide your dream is going to come true, when you commit that much to it, it becomes a part of your life. If you've done all that you can, more than all that you can, you can still do two things; 1. wait. Sometimes the world takes time to catch up to you. and 2. Take your mind off of the immediate and literally unplug and spend more time in nature enjoying the most basic elements of life; sunshine, the sound of running water in a river or beach waves…and meditate. It may be that you have missed something you can do or a different path you can take to your same goal, but you're too close and too wrapped up on your current path to be able to see it.

      The good thing about pursuing a dream is that you are already living. SO many people only dream about going for their dreams but never really even start.

      One dream I used to really want never happened. But looking back 20 years, I am so grateful that it didn't. I was not secure enough in myself and now I think it would have been a disaster had it come true. But I don't have that dream anymore, I have others. Some are happening, some are taking their time, and some may not come true in the way that I imagined. But I enjoy my life in the meantime, because there are little accomplishments and little joys in every day. If you're only focused on the one big goal, the majority of your life will look like an unhappy "meantime" that you spend waiting. Once the goal is realized, whether it be a moment or longer, it will change, too. A goal should be part of a happy life, not the one thing that only if achieved will hope to bring happiness to a life. Do you see the difference?


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