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Book Excerpt - Wake Up and Be Awesome

Throughout your day, you will interact with family, friends, coworkers, and strangers. Every interaction you have will briefly bring your lives together. Every time you separate, you will leave with them an impression of you. What will that impression be? If a situation arises where you could have gotten angry but didn’t, or if things were mundane but you made them a little more fun, or if they were down and you gave them encouragement….Those choices you make are always gifts of time and experience. It’s your choice if they will be good gifts or lousy ones. If you should pass before them, they will immediately be sent to the file in their mind that contains their entire experience with you. What you say and do today determines what goes into that file, and determines if they will be inspired to be a better person because of their time with you, or not.

Make it your goal every morning to wake up and be awesome. If something or someone gets in the way of that…a cross word or annoying obstacle, shake it off and continue. Don’t let it take up more time in your day than it has to. Each moment spent can’t be re-spent in a different way at a different time. There are no do overs.

-Doe Zantamata

From the one chapter eBook, "Wake Up and Be Awesome" by Doe Zantamata


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