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After all...

The only outcome you can be certain of is the one that happened.

It may seem like if only you'd done something differently or if only someone else would have, then things would be better than they are today.

But thinking that way will leave you disappointed with your life as it turned out.

More than likely, if one thing had been different, it would not have led to a much more wonderful life than you have now. What people thought was important or not at the time would still have been the same. People were how they were, knew what they knew, cared about what they cared about, and did what they did.

Given those things, this is the only outcome that was ever really possible.

And you know, if you look at what could have happened but didn't, the good choices you made, and that you realized things when you did and not years later in life, then now as it is --exactly as it is--becomes a pretty good place after all.

-Doe Zantamata


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