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Welcome to Today


Within this day:

You’ll become one day older, but one day wiser, too.

On this day, you may have a test of patience, test someone else’s patience,
forget something important and remember something that wasn’t.

You might take the time to notice the sun on your skin, the fresh air flowing into your lungs as you step outside, and the sounds of nature, muted until the very moment they are noticed.

You’ll likely have a series of wins and losses and the ones you think about the most will be the ones that join you on your pillow as you drift off to sleep.

More than possibly, it will be just another day. Nothing traumatic, nothing dramatic, another one-foot-in-front-of-the-other kind of day. But if it’s only that, be grateful, because in times of peace either the mind grows bored or the heart grows grateful, but rarely do the two agree. You choose which one to give your attention; which one gets to lead the show.

And, you know, if you’re lucky--if we’re all lucky--tomorrow we’ll get another go.

Another chance to do everyday things with awareness and in joy...
loving and learning, and taking one more step down the road.

-Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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