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In the midst of war, find peace within. In the midst of chaos, find stillness within. In the midst of confusion, find clarity within. In the midst of the world, find yourself within.
-Doe Zantamata
It's so easy to get caught up in battles, distracted by details, lose time and peace in the process. Whether in the workplace, between family or friends, or even in the news, there is no shortage of chaos and drama to get sucked in by. But it's always a choice.

Choosing to live in peace and stillness doesn't mean to be passive or to just let the world walk all over you. It means to stay aware of what is in and not in your control. To act when necessary, but not to be consumed by things that devalue life and the joy of living.

If you ask a thousand people for their opinion, you'll likely get a thousand opinions. If you try to please everyone or make time for everyone and everything that would like your attention, you'll be living in a world of constant chaos. There is never enough time to be everything to everyone. Finding clarity means to decide what and who are most important to you and to make time for them, regardless of what directions others try to pull you in. Living a life of least regrets means having to say no to and ignore some things on a regular basis. It means to consciously choose to do what's good for you, your family, and those who are most important to you without always putting them off for lesser things and hoping they will understand or that there will be time someday to make things up to them.

Finding yourself takes time and diligence, but it is only when you discover who you are that you can really make these decisions wisely. You may be perceived as not the best acquaintance, worker, or stranger, but those things are far less important than not being the best family member and friend that you can be. When you look in the mirror at the end of your life, you'll see a person who was devoted to those you loved, and a person who spent their life creating strong experiences that will become the memories your loved ones have when you pass on. A life well lived is one true to one's self, regardless of what anyone else may say.

Take time to recenter and reevaluate your life choices and to think about where each one may lead. It is so very easy to get distracted and caught up, that without consistent effort, things can go off track without being realized. But they can just as easily get back on track again.

By Doe Zantamata


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