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Set your heart free

Love is wonderful, but relationships can be painful. But it's never the love that hurts.

Your heart, your intuition, will always tell you the truth. If you really care for someone and they say they care for you but treat you in ways that don't support that, it literally hurts in your heart area.

The mind will play games and tell you that you should go in the direction of a person who acts this way, prove to them your worth, chase them, win them over, that being in their presence validates you.

But these are just mind games.

The heart is always honest. If it hurts, there's something wrong.

Now it may be that someone treats you very well and you like them, but the heart seems to have a resistance. This resistance is within you, within your past. Fear of vulnerability, fear of something being too good to be true, doubt of self-worth, hesitation to receive love due to feelings of guilt….many things. Those need to be resolved within.

When you were a small child, you automatically believed in yourself and loved everyone you met. That is your natural state, and a state that no matter how much pain was thrown on top of, you can always return to.

Forgiveness, recognition of your value, appreciation of yourself and of kindness towards you all will relieve your heart of any guilt or doubt, and will make those who treat you poorly much less attractive.

There's never a need to prove your worth to anyone. Once you recognize it in yourself, it will just be. If it's challenged or dismissed, then the person or people acting that way just won't be welcome in your life.

Set your heart free. Trust it. It knows the way. The way is always detached, secure, and out of love. Detachment doesn't mean coldness, it means freedom. Security doesn't mean rules or checking up on people, it means confidence and trust. Love doesn't mean clinging or desperation, it means appreciation, encouragement, and peace within.

- Doe Zantamata

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Set your heart free. Trust it. It knows the way.
-Doe Zantamata


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