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New eBook: "The Askers and The Offerers"

I published a brand new One Chapter ebook on Smashwords. It's called "The Askers and The Offerers" and is about understanding different perspectives on each. It started out as a newsletter but turned into 4300 words (about 12 pages) so I made it into a short book instead.

As it's only a chapter, the price is a super low $0.99.

Happy reading and please share Love, Doe


  1. This book is like a mirrow. I just ended a relationship with someone that I care about
    recently and I often wonder about this person's demand, request and behavior, but after
    reading this article on the Askers and Offers I begin to see myself through Doe Zantamata's mirrow
    and I saw where I had gone wrong and the necessary corrections that I can make in order to prevent this from happening again.

    Thank you Doe.



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