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A little, tiny bit better

When something awful happens,
the realization that
it could have been much worse
can give a little, tiny something
to be grateful for
and help you to feel
just a little, tiny bit better.
~Doe Zantamata


  1. It doesn’t matter what happens. It could always be worse. Feel grateful when something awful happens? That doesn’t make sense. Gratitude at such a time is unnatural and IMO not helpful. Better to acknowledge genuine emotions and deal with the issue.

  2. When a very good friend of mine passed away suddenly I was very crushed that I wouldn't get to see him again in this lifetime. I thought about what a great friend he was. I felt grateful that I got to meet him at all. I felt grateful that I got to spend time with him and share a lot of memories that will never change. I still miss him to this day, but I will always have a greater sense of gratitude that I was so fortunate to know him in his brief time here. Most people didn't get that gift. I did...and I choose to be grateful for that.


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