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Time to Decide

Decide what matters most to you, and do it.
Decide who matters most to you, and make time to spend with them.
Decide to be happy, and be.
~Doe Zantamata
By Doe Zantamata

This world moves fast. Time flies by and all of a sudden it’s time to tear off another page of the calendar and you wonder where the month went…and then where the year went.

Most of us just don’t have any “free time” and the days seem to fill up fast, with things left undone every time our heads touch the pillow for the night.

In addition to that, life’s little emergencies often pop up and must be dealt with immediately, thereby pushing back further all the wants, wishes, and somedays.

So before life passes by, we need to hit the brakes and decide.

Decide what matters most to you, and do it.

Decide who matters most to you, and make time to spend with them.

Decide to be happy, and be.

Instead of waiting for free time, make time, carve it out in little snippets if you have to, but make time for those things in life that you want to do, and to spend with those people who you love.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and the biggest regret in life is having not been there more often with those who we love the most. You can’t build a memory on an event that never happened.

Schedule, make concrete plans. “We have to get together sometime” is a nice thought, but it has to go further than that in order for it to become real. “When are you free next week, or next month?” and choosing a day will tell the Universe that this spot is taken.

Life and people can pull you in all sorts of directions, but instead of being a pinball, take control of how you spend your life. Once you do, it will instantly and consistently become more fulfilling.

Maybe you want to take the children on a vacation. Make a plan, even if it’s for a year from now. How much will have to be saved per week, either earned extra or saved somewhere else, in order to make that vacation a reality? Look into deals and specials online and print some things out. Stay aware of money that’s spent that doesn’t have to be, and keep your eye on the big prize that will be realized sooner, the more the little conveniences and extras are skipped.

Decide to be happy. When you’re feeling pulled, guilted, or dragged into foolishness or drama, set the boundary. Instead of having those endless repeat conversations about who said what to whom and isn’t it terrible, give people the best advice they can get. “Look, I can agree with you all day long, but it isn’t going to change anything. Take it up with (insert name here). You can do it. You two need to resolve this.”

If things in your life leap in front of your happiness decision, look at them as objectively as you can. Do you really “have to” have them? If you “have to” deal with them, is there any way to do so but with a better feeling inside? If you have to do something that involves waiting, instead of fussing or complaining of how long the wait is, can you choose to read a book you’ve been putting off or haven’t heard of yet instead? Amazon Kindle software is free and can be downloaded to any phone. They have a massive library of free books and priced books. You can choose to have a boring time in a waiting room, or to learn some amazing things or become lost in a fiction novel that seems as real as day.

When you put your happiness as a priority and stay aware, the world begins to change. It becomes you happening to the world rather than the world happening to you. If it doesn’t feel right inside, examine that feeling and have the courage to speak up in order to change the course of the outcome. No one really wants to burden you, upset you, or make you miserable, so if people are doing this, it’s up to you to (in a kind way) let them know.

This is your life. Own it. Those people who you love, love you right back and you need to enjoy this life together. Those things you want to experience, learn, and live are waiting for you to give the green light.

Take a deep breath and dive in. You’ll love it, and likely wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

By Doe Zantamata, Author of "Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma"

In Paperback and Kindle eBook


  1. Just the advice that I needed to read this morning. Thanks!

  2. very nice,enjoyed reading.Thanks


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