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Two faces

When people are two-faced, the only thing you'll know for sure
is that you can't trust either one of them.
~Doe Zantamata 
This is important to realize. Even if underlying intentions are not malicious, there will be a rollercoaster of disappointment every time you find out that they've been telling you one thing and telling others the opposite.

Maybe they change their mind a lot, maybe they're trying not to disappoint anyone, maybe they don't even know what they think and just agree with everyone, but if you can detach and realize that you cannot trust what they say, you won't expect more from them than they are prepared to be right now.

It's actually very accepting to not insist that someone be trustworthy just because we'd prefer them to be.

There are only so many "miscommunications" or "misunderstandings" you can believe before you just have to accept that this person, for whatever reason, is not trustworthy.

Once you accept that, you don't necessarily have to toss them completely out of your life, but you do have to be aware that you can't rely on their word anymore. To do so would mean setting yourself up for further disappointment and regret for trusting them when you knew you shouldn't.

If you keep trying to trust the same person who keeps letting you down, it will eventually cause you to question not just them, but others too whose word you really could trust. Once that happens, all of your relationships will suffer, and you'll actually push those trustworthy ones away. No one likes to be accused of things they didn't do, or feel like everything they say is questioned when they've always been truthful.

Don't question everyone, just question the ones who've given you cause to do so. If it happens too much, then question yourself as to why they are still a big part of your life.

By Doe Zantamata

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