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Dear Men:

Dear Men:
It’s not “Feminine” to express your emotions, or to even admit that you have them.
It’s “human.”
You’re not a statue.
You have a heart.
You have feelings.
They can get hurt,
they can be nervous,
they can be discouraged,
they can be scared,
and you can tell the people who you love when they are any of those things.
They won’t think you are weak, and they might actually want to help you through them. They may
feel better about expressing their own feelings...because they have them, too. every human does.
Then you all won’t have to keep those things bottled up inside anymore or have them causing anger, grief, frustration, and pain for no reason except to try to pretend they don’t exist because somehow, someone thought that’s “bein’ a man,” and convinced everyone else of the same foolishness.
“Bein’ a man” means being a friend, and telling the truth even when it’s awkward, or makes you feel vulnerable. It takes true strength to reveal fears and to drop pride. It feels a lot better after, too.

By Doe Zantamata
Author of "Happiness in Your Life: Book One - Karma"


  1. Truth!
    Real men are not afraid to show their real emotions in front of someone that they know they can trust. I dislike the streotypes of other men thinking and saying a man is weak or no manly if they should shed a tear over something emotional.

  2. A man is very manly when he can show first of all that God is everything to him and that He is #1 in his life before anything else. When He can be the masculine guy that he is but also be tender, loving, compassionate, respectful, able to show his feelings through tears or just opening up and expressing himself. Whoever has told a male that it isn't manly to cry had no right to say that at any time to anyone. Tears show a side of a man that is soft and caring. It shows that he has a heart and is expressing how he is feeling. Happy or sad, it is ok and good to cry. Who wants to keep things bottled up inside and make you sick. A real man is someone who is the godly figure in the home to show his family the love of God through his actions, words and position in the family. A real man loves his wife and gives her the respect that God wants him to show her. You are being looked up to and will be mimicked by your children. Let them see good things from you, as the man of the house, as the father, as the husband. The man has a totally different role that God has given him. Study the Word of God and learn what being a man is all about. Women have a totally different role and a very important nurturing role. Let us all be who God made us to be. We can only do that by inviting God into our lives and heart so that He can start His wonderful work on each one of us. Christ was our example, and what a wonderful example that was. May God bless each and every one of you.. Always remember that God loves you and has a plan for each and every one of us.


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