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Rock what?

Rock Bottom
By Doe Zantamata

Whether it’s emotional, mental, physical, or financial, it’s an awful place to be.

But if you find yourself there, you have two choices;

1. Give up


2. Turn it all around.

When you make it through your rock bottom, you’ll know that every day after that will be easier than your worst day was. You made it through that one, so you have proof that you can make it through any other.

Look at the decisions, patterns, things you did, things you allowed others to do, that brought you to that point.

Think about “if you could go back” what would you do differently?

Make a list.

Forgive yourself for everything you feel you did wrong, and forgive others for anything you feel they did wrong to you.

Keep that list, and choose to do things differently from now on.

Stay aware of your feelings, of your reactions, of your thoughts and choices.

Remember that strength is not force, self-discipline is not self-sacrifice, and self-worth is not self-centeredness. Every little thing adds up and creates a life. Letting things slide or not bothering to make little efforts will lead back to the place you do not want to be.

Stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself, not in anger, but with confidence.

Commit to always doing your best, but not more than that. Know when something is more than you’re up to. Rest, learn to say, “no,” even if it’s not what others want to hear, and treat yourself as well as you’d treat your best friend.

In time, sooner than later, your landscape will change. Things will be better than you could have ever imagined on that rock bottom day. But it’s that day that you’ll have to thank. Without it, you may have never realized how amazing things could really be once you turned them all around.

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