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Getting over childhood issues

We've all heard that our minds are like computers. 

Our computer minds were programmed in childhood by our parents. You wouldn’t tell an older computer that it needs to "just get over" it’s faulty programming, but many people tell themselves and eachother to "just get over" their childhood. 

Programming repeats until it is changed, and not one second before.

You can’t just get over it. 

You need to open up the computer and find what programming is incorrect, then reprogram it. Incorrect programing is fear based, whereas correct programming is love based. 

How do you recognize faulty programming? 

Just look around. We go to what is familiar. We marry people like our mothers and work for people like our fathers. Current friends may be like our siblings. 

While we cannot go back and change our childhood, we can change our life in the present. We can realize what we’ve just accepted because it’s familiar, not because it was good for us, and learn to recognize it in our current relationships. 

We can then reprogram our computers. Reprogram what we believe about ourselves, let go of fears, doubts, worries, and base our new programming in love, confidence, and self-worth instead. 

From there, our relationships and careers will begin to change immediately
for the better. 

The other people may change, or they may disappear from our lives. What they choose to do is not up to us. The only thing that is up to us is what we welcome or do not allow in our lives anymore.

From the Book One Page Stories, Volume One,

By Doe Zantamata


  1. Yeah, lovely words, smashing words, words which make a sense. But still just words. Please, how is 'We can then reprogram our computers' actually any different from 'just get over it'. We can all spot a broken machine - that's a far cry from knowing how to fix a broken machine - if anything it's even worse. If one has never experienced how something should feel and experience, then how the fuck can one even begin to fix.

    ps I think the things you say are true and I love that you say them. But but but. Words words words. :(

    1. I mean no malice

    2. Ah if I could cures the pains of the heart and mind in a poster and short article....I think in today's instant society, we forget that the natural course of all things not technology is far from instant. You cannot heal a bruise, grow an oak tree, or freeze a waterfall overnight. Things take time.
      The purpose of this article is mainly just to help to foster an awareness. Just because something has always been one way, it doesn't mean it has to remain. But...incorrect programming cannot fix itself.
      To affect change, one must enact the following:
      1. Awareness
      2. Education
      3. Action

      and then repeat, repeat, repeat...

      So if you realize from this that yes, you can change the course of your future and no you should not expect that one day anything unfixed would magically fix itself, then you move on to step two. Read, ask, talk, journal, figure out what is holding you back and then learn all you can about it. How have others managed to heal and move on? Counselor, support group, books, spiritual or religious help, all of these things? Decide that your direction has changed and that your happiness, your life, are important enough to work on for the rest of your life. Step 3, action...don't just think about it and decide it's too much work. Do things every single day that you live, even if it's just writing in a journal or going out into the world and doing something that is more in line with your happiness...just do it as Nike famously says.
      We cannot find the cure to unhappiness in a moment, in a bottle, or in an article. We can only find it in ourselves, and our commitment to ourselves to work at loosening the bonds, breaking through the blocks, and truly allowing ourselves to regain true happiness.

    3. I can promise you three things:
      1. It takes time
      2. It's a lot of work and dedication
      3. It's worth it.


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