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Every Raindrop Says, "I Love You."

Every Raindrop Says, "I Love You."
By Doe Zantamata

We used to walk beside you, as your friends,
and family, too. But since we have passed over,
We can’t say, “I love you.”

We cannot say it in person, as the journey’s much too far,
So we send it down in raindrops, to land right where you are.

Every raindrop says, “I love you,” as a droplet from above.
You’ll notice there are millions...a measure of our love.

They fill the lakes and rivers, and make the flowers bloom.
Even if you don’t feel them on your skin,
You can hear them from your room.

Next time you see the rain fall, no matter what you do,
Please pause for just a moment,
And remember our message to you.


  1. I bet we will never think of rain and of raindrop in the same way again...
    Thank you :)


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