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Winds of Change

By Doe Zantamata

Change can come like a gentle breeze, barely noticeable in any moment, but resulting in enormous changes over time. We don't perceive ourselves changing much in any given day, but can see that we look much different now than when we were first born. Gradual changes are the easiest to accept.

Change can come like a gust of wind, either pushing or knocking us off our path, or swiftly moving us forward. This is a noticeable, "lucky break," or "setback," that we couldn't have predicted, but can choose to go with it, or try to get back to where we were before it came along.

Change can come in the form of a tornado. Everything that was certain and thought to be secure the day before is now different. A lottery win, a serious car accident, a pregnancy, a job loss, the announcement by a spouse that they've fallen in love with someone and are leaving, an unexpected death. Life can never return to exactly the way it was, but it can either be rebuilt, or built entirely anew. This is the most disturbing type of change, but it can also be the most rewarding. It is forever life-changing.

Change is a part of life, and happens in every moment of every day. The only time we can get stuck, is if we try to deny or resist change. Sometimes, we can put broken pieces back together, we can rebuild things as they were. But other times, we have to move forward. Wishing change hadn't happened, or longing for the days before it occurred, will only cause unhappiness, and will prevent our lives from developing into happy and fulfilling lives, albeit very different than before.

Big change can be scary, or it can be exciting. Perception and willingness to be open and to embrace the new will allow for much easier transitioning. Awareness of every new moment will help to stay focused on what is now, rather than what was before.


  1. That's a great and beautiful post Doe. I am experiencing major changes in my life, and major changes in me, who I am, how I react, how I feel and what I do. It is a very hard phase in my life, but I know and believe that it can only get better with time. Thank you for this post :)

  2. A tornado whirled into my life, I'm struggling to make sense of it, this post is a great help, thanks,

  3. Lovely piece. Thank you Doe. Very much inspired by this excerpt. ;)

  4. Thank you so much Doe for all your helpfull, inspiring messages.
    They are a big help in my tornado-struck life!! Love to you


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