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What's the point of goals?

What's the point of goals? 

Well, whenever you want to go somewhere in your car, you 
1. Decide where you want to go
2. Figure out how to get there

3. Get in your car and go

There may be construction, or traffic, or rain or snow, but you know that you're heading in the right direction, so you keep on going. 

Sooner or later than you first thought, you get there!

The same is true for life. In your health, relationships, career or job, decide if you're happy or not. 

If not, then, 

1. Decide what you would like things to look like instead
2. Research things on google, talk to friends who have more of what you'd like, read books by people who've achieved these goals....get an idea of what you'd need to do to make it happen.
3. Do it! Move in the direction of your goals. Do something, anything, every single day. 

You may encounter setbacks, you may find a lot of people want to do the same things, and some days you may feel like just giving up. 

But keep going! 

KNOW that sooner or later, eventually, you'll get there...and you will. 

From the Book One Page Stories, Volume One, By Doe Zantamata -  on amazon:


  1. I really love comparing goals to traveling because I can actually visualize this in my head, am I getting closer or further away from my destination(Goal), are my actions bringing me closer or further away? Love it.


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