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This is your life. Own it.

The Princess and The Dragon

Tired of waiting for a Prince to come and save her, the Princess summoned up all her courage, grabbed a sword, and went to slay the dragon or demand that he set her free immediately.

"I'm not afraid of you anymore!" she shouted, though trembling inside. 
"Madame, there's no need for violence, really. I never said you had to stay, although I have wondered why you had for so long." The Dragon said, terrified.

"Oh. Well, OK then," said the Princess, a little embarrassed.

As she walked away from the Dragon's Lair, she realized a few things… The only things that ever truly imprisoned her were her false fears, and waiting for someone to come along and save her, when all along she could have saved herself.

Don't be a prisoner to your fears. This is your life. Own it. Have the courage to stand tall and do what makes you happy!

-Doe Zantamata

From the Book One Page Stories, Volume One, By Doe Zantamata - on amazon:


  1. I sometimes ask myself this same question? Am I only scared to make the move? I loved this story. Thank you Doe!!!

  2. Oh, I needed this, Thank you!!


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