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The Story of You

The Story of You

One day, not long ago, a child was born. 

That child was you. 

The odds that you came into being were infinitesimally small. Your parents not only had to meet, but they had to be drawn together and remain together long enough for your creation to occur. 

Whether they were madly in love for years, or only met once, you were definitely brought here on purpose. 

The world has never seen a person quite like you in all of the millions of years it has existed, and no one exactly like you will ever exist again.

This is your time.

You will be here only a short while, less than a blink of an eye compared to the life of the world.

You will create, love, affect, learn, and share your life with many different people throughout your time here. 

Some things in life to this point may seem to be struggles, or fruitless, and at times you may have felt as though things were just too hard. Those darkest moments in your life, the fact that you made it through each and every one of them, gave you proof that you are stronger and more determined that you ever thought you could be. Once you know and appreciate this, any limits you may have had disappear in an instant.

Those moments of joy you’ve shared in your life with others, they were all only possible because of you. Without you, they would have never been. Imagine each and every person with whom you’ve ever shared a laugh, a hug, or a kiss. If you were not here, in each of those moments, they would have been standing alone.

Because of you, there is more joy in the world. More hope, more compassion, and more optimism. 

What you do in your lifetime may only seem like a tiny stone thrown into a lake, but you must always remember the ripple. Every thought, every word you speak, and every action you take ripples out to hundreds, if not thousands of people, many who you have never met. When you extend kindness, you inspire others to do the same. When you smile, you create another smile on the person who sees yours. 

Those who are completely unaware see only darkness. 

Those who have awakened, see light where others don’t. 

Those who are on their journey to enlightenment know that the light lives inside of them, and carry it wherever they go. 

Thank you so very much for being here. 

Love to you, 


From the Book One Page Stories, Volume One, By Doe Zantamata - on amazon: 


  1. That is a wonderful post!!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Thank you so very much for being here too Doe.
    Love to you


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