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Remember the joy...

Remember the joy of just being.

You came into this world, a little parcel of love, of curiosity, of smiles, and laughter.

Remember when you looked to strangers, young or old, and when their eyes caught your gaze, you smiled...and they smiled right back at you.

Remember sitting in sand, and turning your hand into an hourglass, feeling the grains pour down gently your palm.

Remember closing your eyes, tilting your head to the sun, and seeing the bright, red glow through your eyelids.

Remember the splash of the surf, the anticipation of waves, and hearing your own laughter echo across them.

This was bliss, pure bliss.

As we grow older, we numb to these moments, our minds filled with swirling thoughts of days past and future.

To return to bliss, we need not learn something new, but instead, remember the sheer joy of just being.

~Doe Zantamata

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  1. I swear I smell sunscreen lotion now. :-) Very subliminal and a sweet trip back in time to family vacations at Virginia Beach. Thanks!


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