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Missed opportunities?

The first big opportunity that comes into your life usually does so only to let you know it’s possible. Don’t dwell on perceived “missed opportunities.” Nothing was missed. Just prepare as best you can  for the next one, so that you will be completely ready the moment that it arrives.

Belief drives reality, not the other way around.

If you don't believe something is possible, you can never see it.

If you believe something is possible, then the first step is to see it happen for someone else. Someone on TV, someone you know, someone you've heard of.

That shouldn't come as a disappointment at all, unless you allow yourself to feel envy. Envy is a feeling that something can't happen for yourself, too.

If you've had a dream, and just started to believe in it, take seeing someone else having that dream come true as a sign that it IS possible, and will soon also happen for you.

Be as happy for their "luck" or success as you would be for your own. That's great Karma, and will send out thoughts of success to them which will boomerang back to you. Envious thoughts would only send back more thoughts to you that it can only happen for someone else...which you'd then see more of as well.

The second part of belief is to believe that great things can happen to you.

Clear out any limiting beliefs that you don't deserve it, or that nothing good or lucky ever happens to you. Believe that you are just as deserving as any other good, hardworking, positive person, and just hold on to that belief.

Realize that any person who's found love, success, a dream life, is just another person, just like you. Happiness and dreams fulfilled are possible for everyone.

You won't believe what happens next.

Oh...well, actually will believe it. :)

By Doe Zantamata

Author of Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma


  1. Belief is only a part of it. We do have limitations to a certain degree that need to be considered. Some people have more money, more help, more advantages. Some people have physical and mental illnesses and deficits and some do not have family support. Some people have a family life that is negative and abusive. Some people are up against a lot of obstacles where others have a lot of additional help. I do believe we should not envy and we should believe that we neither deserve nor don't deserve what we have or get. However, we are worthy of love and good things because God deemed us so through his love. Everyone is even if we are not really deserving of it. It's called grace. We should not judge ourselves or others as it's not our place in this life to be the judge. If we remember these things and also know that perseverance, discipline and hard work are required and that it helps to ask people to help us and return the favor, we'll do all right in this life. Just don't expect a miracle. Miracles can happen, but reality is what we need to face and accept in order to not be disappointed or foolish.

    1. I agree with 99% of what you said..thank you so much for your insight! Belief is the root. All things grow from the root.

      Believe it or not, if you have no money, no support, no encouragement, this is actually the most honest way to start. You know it's just from you. In time, those other things and people will show up in your life, and you'll be totally ready to embrace them.

      Everyone is worthy of great things. A lot of people who walk down a self-centered path need to do so and arrive there in order to realize it's not fulfilling. Then, they often turn into the most generous philanthropists ever.

      Miracles happen every day. The very fact that we live and breathe and walk the earth is a miracle.

      Just make sure you're not holding on to a limiting belief and calling it "reality." If so, it's the only thing you'll ever be able to see and experience.

      Love, Doe

  2. WOW! Good Stuff! I especially like your last statement, Just make sure you're not holding on to a limiting belief and calling it "reality." If so, it's the only thing you'll ever be able to see and experience.

  3. I love it Doe!!! Amazing! Thank you!


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