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Love can only grow from love.

Love can only grow from love. ~Doe Zantamata
With one's self and in relationships, it's important to learn and always remember that love can only grow from love.

Love cannot grow from mistrust, or anger, or forcing someone to see the good qualities in another.

When you love, you've done your part, and that's all you can do.

The only time that love can be a "guaranteed" 100% return investment is when it's love toward the self, with the goal of building self-worth.

Other than that, love can only ever be something you do with no expectation of return from that person. When you pour love into another person, for reasons known or unknown, that person may not return the love to you. They may return instead indifference, or complacency, or even anger with the way you showed and gave your love.
That, you can do nothing about.

Not all love planted will grow, but love can ONLY grow from love.

So if you've poured your heart into someone and they did not return the love, know, just know, that withholding love from anyone else is not the answer. That will only prevent reciprocal love from ever forming in your relationships in life.

The only thing you can ever do, is love with an open heart. At times, it will not be appreciated, it may be used, taken advantage of, or broken, but that's when you stop giving the love to that person, and turn it all inward to yourself to heal fully.

Once you are healed fully, you can again give openly to another person, and give love a go again.

It may not seem worth it to give all that love, but know also that love is never wasted. Though that person may not see it now, or may not appreciate it at all, they may look back years from now and realize how much selfless love you gave them. They may realize how they've acted all this time was wrong, and hurtful, and got them nowhere. At that point, your love will have made them a better person.
You'll likely have long moved on by then, and found true love with someone else, but no love is ever given in vain, even if you can't see the results for awhile.

By Doe Zantamata


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