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Good and Bad

Some people try to only look at positive things
and pretend that nothing negative exists.

Others think that by putting all of their attention
only on what’s awful, that they are being realistic.

But, reality consists of both
great and awful things.

If you pretend that one does not exist,
then you’re choosing only a partial reality
which your heart will tug at you, trying
to keep you aware of the opposite.

Being aware of, and trying to help what’s awful,
while also appreciating everything that’s great,
in balance, is true reality, and will both keep
you positive, and better the world.

~Doe Zantamata



  1. Thank you so much for allowing comments again!! It's been few days i was unable to comment. I love this. You say it really better than I did :)
    That is what I meant in my post positive, positive.,....


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