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Dear Mother

Dear Mother,
Together we’ve learned patience, selflessness, kindness, forgiveness,
and the purest form of love. When you took this job as mother,
you also became my personal chef, housekeeper, chauffeur, laundromat,
nurse, dresser, photographer, wardrobe chooser (and later consultant),
storyteller, comedian, party planner, confidant, teacher,
motivational speaker, seamstress, arts and crafts supervisor,
tutor, science project engineer, refrigerator museum art curator,
cheerleader, bank, counselor, and travel agent, among many other things.
Though at times I may not have realized just how many jobs you took on,
and at times, especially in my teen years, I may have criticized
your job performance at one or more of these jobs, I want you to know,
that looking back, I appreciate every single thing you were,
and everything you still are to me. You are my hero, my role model,
my champion, my friend. You mean the world to me.
Thank you, and I love you, with my whole, entire heart,
Your very...very grateful child. 


  1. a somewhat idealised veiw of motherhood, important to remember that this is not everyone's experience.

    1. I don't expect that every article I write will apply to everyone. I would be very surprised if they did. Many mothers were this way to many children, and that love extends to those children's children and all those whose lives they touch. Even if this does not describe one's own mother, he or she can still be grateful that there truly is this love in the world, and extend it on to their own children if they have them.


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