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You're never a nobody when you believe in yourself.

When pursuing your dreams, please don’t ever dismiss yourself as,
“Oh, I’m just a Nobody.”

You’re not a Nobody.

You’re a somebody who not many people have heard of...yet.

~Doe Zantamata
It's funny how some people see the world as made up of two categories, "somebodies," and "nobodies," and then have the nerve to throw themselves into the "nobody" one.

We're all just people. We all have talents and skills, and we all have an equal shot at doing as much as we want with those talents and skills.

Some actors don't want to be in big, blockbuster movies and win Oscars. They'd prefer to perform at their local theater, 5 minutes from their home, and make a decent living, doing what they love. To them, that makes them happy...and that IS success.

Others, artist, musicians, actors, authors...they WANT to be world renowned and they want to share their work with as many people in the world as possible. But then they look at those who made it onto that grand scale and say, "Well, their parents were famous," or, "But they were rich," or if they didn't have famous parents or loads of money, of course there's, "Well, they just got lucky."

Truth is, especially in this day and age of instant worldwide access via social media sites and video-sharing sites, anyone who loves what they do and is good at it can gain worldwide attention literally overnight.

Think of Justin Bieber, whose mom just a few years ago put up YouTube videos of him singing his little heart out.

Or Susan Boyle, who just a few years ago had tried many times over many years to get noticed for her incredible singing talent. She even auditioned for another show before her infamous appearance on "U.K.'s got talent" that made her an overnight household name, and led to her being the highest-selling U.K. artist of all time.

Jack Canfield had his book, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" rejected by 123 publishers. It went on to become a series of over 200 books, which have sold over 100 million copies and are published in 54 languages worldwide.

In fact, the list of people over time and in all fields, sports, artists, authors, politicians....even Walt Disney and The Beatles were rejected, fired, and told they were "nobody."

Here are even more famous folks who weren't welcomed in on their first go:
They Did Not Give Up

It doesn't matter who says what --not even "experts"-- just continue to love what you do, believe in your passion, keep working at it every day, and continue to do your thing. A lucky break passes through everyone's life at some point. When and where, you can't ever predict. Eventually, luck will pass through your life, too, and boy, will you ever be ready for it.

Dream big. Wish hard. Make it happen.

By Doe Zantamata
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