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To Love Well...

Love like it's the first time.
When we love, sometimes, we get hurt. Sometimes, we vow to never be hurt like that again. We want to protect our hearts from ever being deceived, lied to, or stomped on again.

When we get into a new relationship with this thinking, we're showing someone who we are not.

We're showing them a person who doesn't trust, who is guarded, and who seems to look for negative things. That's not who we truly are.

If we never show them who we are, how could they possibly fall in love with us?

You may get hurt again if you trust. You can live through that. You've proven that by living through the last one. It's a risk, but so is everything in life that's worthwhile.

You will always get hurt again if you don't trust, because you will always push away the good ones. You'll also hurt them, too, for things they didn't even do. Then you may become the reason why they don't want to trust again. Don't be that.

Don't allow past pain to sabotage present and future relationships.

Whoever the person was who treated you poorly ruined THAT relationship between you two. It's up to you if you're going to allow your fear of getting hurt to ruin every relationship you have from now on.

By Doe Zantamata


  1. Oh....this is so so true! I have been in a 38 year bad relationship and cannot get past the lack of trust.....

    1. So why are you still in it? After 38 yrs of a BAD relationship, you need to move on!!!!!!!

  2. I totally agree with this. wow


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