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No more pretending, please.

I don't mind when people don't like me. I just wish they would be honest and straightforward about it, so I would know not to bother with them. Why waste time hanging around people who you don't care for? ~Doe Zantamata
You always know inside when someone doesn't like you. Whether it's just a feeling, or little comments that they make. You just know.

Usually, we get looped into plans with someone who is the spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend of one of our friends or our own spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. It's never quite fully comfortable, so it's never quite fully enjoyable.

We may even ask, "Does so-and-so not like me? Did I do something?" and we're often met with a denial of some type.

Here's the big question: Why isn't that person just honest about not liking another so that they don't make plans together? Why hang around someone who they really don't care for?

If it's a matter of, they'd like to spend time with their friend, but not the girlfriend or boyfriend, too, then their friend has to really decide who's being unkind and what's the reason, and act accordingly. Either think about the reasons why the person isn't liked, or stop spending time with the friend if the friend is just being mean. But make a decision. Fake smiles have never warmed a heart.

There are lots of people in this world, and there is very little time to each life...especially free time.

We really need to be honest so as to not waste our precious time, and only spend time with people who we actually like, love, and care about. It only makes sense.

Written By Doe Zantamata

Author of "Happiness in Your Life, Book One: Karma"
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