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Believe Again

To be happy, you don't have to do anything new.
You just have to remember how to believe again...
Believe everything good is possible.
Believe in your dreams.
Believe in people.
Believe in love.
But most of all...Believe in yourself.
~Doe Zantamata

Have you ever noticed that people who believe they are unlucky always have misfortune? Or people who believe they are lucky always seem to have good luck? Or people who believe they always attract "the crazy ones," always seem to attract them, while those who have fantastic relationships will tell you that love is very real and very amazing?

You have to believe in something before you'll be able to experience it. Skepticism of great things drives away great things. Welcoming great things encourages more.

Believe in yourself and in great things, and you will start to see them in your life. If something or someone bad comes along, let it go...don't let it change your beliefs. We all come across great things and great people, and not-so-great things and not-so-great people. The ones we choose to focus on and the ones we choose to keep around will bring more of the same.

Happy people tend to spend a lot of time with other happy people. Shady folks have some pretty shady friends. If you try to change anyone or try to "make them" into better people, you'll find it's just not possible. It doesn't fit with their belief system, so it cannot work long term.

When you believe in great things, and bad things come your way, it shouldn't convince you that those great things aren't true. It should just let you know that they are possible, just not at that time, or with that person, or in that circumstance.

Stay true to yourself, and stay true to your positive beliefs, and in time, all great things will be yours.

By Doe Zantamata

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  1. Oh, how true this is. When we suffer from an kind of abuse we start to believe all the negative as being true. We have to stop and remind ourselves that just because someone says it or thinks it doesn't make it so. Only we know the true us. Don't let critism about you be what you believe as the truth and that they know better than you. SCREW THEM! Christine (a sister victim of abuse)

  2. Very well said. Thank you! It is indeed practically impossible to bring anyone up to your level of joy/happiness. It is not our job/role. Each in their own time.☀❤

  3. I have tryed all my and no where did i get

    1. This is how I feel at times also, but other times are better, do you have any better times? Have gratitude for those times, and maybe more and more will come.

  4. If you try to change anyone or try to "make them" into better people, you'll find it's just not possible. This is the part I need to learn, it is not my responsiblity.

  5. Everything I read lately takes me back to the law of Attraction!! I love that. It's not coincidence!

  6. ILove This! My life has been changing in so many ways the last couple of weeks. BIG CHANGES! But im trusting the plan and plowing forward w/ my "new " life . I have faith! I BELIVE AGAIN!

  7. Im happy to hear that I am not alone in my struggle and that there are other people out there sitting in the internet trying so hard to figure out how we can be happy. This article is perfect for what I am going through.

  8. I do agree with most of this, however I think it is quite negative to believe that u can't help someone to change themselves & make them into 'better people'. If u can see that someone's belief system stems from them having had negative experiences themselves then I think u can help them to let their barriers down &discover their true beliefs if u are strong enough & care about them enough. I may be wrong & I do believe that the person has to be ready to help themselves aswell but I think we all have a part to play in helping someone else to be happy, even if we have to use a bit of tough love somewhere along the line ;0)

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