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Allowing Happiness #2 - Asking for Respect

Do you ever feel like the nicer you are, the worse you get treated? Or think that people who don't put up with anything get treated better? If yes, then this is for you...

Allowing Happiness

Pattern to Break #2:

1. Someone is late, cancels plans with you last minute, or doesn’t pay you back when they said they would.

2. You don’t want them to feel bad, so you say, “It’s OK,” “That’s fine,” or “Don’t worry about it.”

3. They do it again.

4. You wonder why, forgetting that you actually told them it was OK, fine, and that they shouldn’t worry about it.

Allow people to feel remorse when they’ve acted in a way that is less than how you treat them, or would like to be treated. Saying that you’re not mad about it, or that you understand “things happen sometimes,” are ways to move on, but not encourage the same to happen again. It is good & wise to keep respect for your time, your relationship, and your life.

~Doe Zantamata

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