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Metamorphosis – By Doe Zantamata

On the journey between caterpillar to butterfly, the caterpillar encloses itself into a cocoon. Within that cocoon, the entire caterpillar is broken down into a soup-like mixture. Just about all of the major structures are broken down and then rebuilt, including the heart. Soon, the butterfly emerges.  Hardly a trace of the caterpillar remains. The butterfly becomes free to fly.

Personal transformation is much the same. Tired of just eating, working, existing, we go within and close off somewhat from the outside world. We re-examine all of our beliefs; what we were told, what we learned. The process takes much longer than a few days, but sooner or later, we rebuild. We replace false beliefs, held in our minds, with truths, held in our hearts. We shed the old, and begin to emerge anew. Released from our limitations and negative beliefs, we to fly. 

Personal Metamorphosis is usually triggered by some event in life, often a jarring event that shatters what we thought "the picture" would be. A divorce, a major illness, a death of someone close. Or it could be the opposite. It could be that we realized all of what we thought were our dreams, but somehow, we're still not happy.

If you're feeling incredibly confused and re-evaluating absolutely everything you ever thought you knew, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are not lost, you've not wasted any time, you've not done anything wrong. You needed every single experience and every single thought to get you to this point right now.

If the former caterpillar looked around in mid-transformation within that cocoon, he would be in for a shock. All he'd known all his life would be demolished, not a single thing that he was certain of remained. It would look like, well, a big mess.

But the big mess is the necessary deconstruction that has to happen before taking all those pieces and putting them together in an entirely new, entirely free and wonderful form.

So take this time in your cocoon. Re-evaluate things, meditate, breathe!

You're well on your way to emerging into a happy, fulfilling, aware and free life. If you have anything from your past holding you back in terms of self-worth, love, forgiveness, now is the time to break down all those limiting beliefs and let them go. You'll need all those parts to form your brand new wings! Life is about to become better than it ever was before. Focus on gratitude, focus on appreciation, both for good things, and for the wisdom you gained through bad things. Learn about who you really are, what you really love, and appreciate your unique and wonderful self...even if it's the first time you've ever done so. This stage is difficult, and you may lose patience at times, but stick with will all be so very worth it.

By Doe Zantamata


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