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Just for today

Just for today
I will feel the breeze on my skin,
feel the light, and warmth of the sun,
and breathe deep, the freshness of the air.
Just for today
I will think only of these things,
and not of other things
that cause heaviness in my heart...
Just for today.

~Doe Zantamata
While it's true that happiness is in every moment, there are times in life when it's just not possible.

These are times of grief, following a great loss. Loss through death, loss of innocence, loss of a dream. The reasons are various, but the feeling is the same.

Grief is a very real emotion, and is not possible to quantify. What one person may "get over" in a short time, another may take years. One is not strong and the other weak. You never know how much a loss will affect a person. Never judge or try to quantify another person's grief, and never feel that you "should" be feeling anything different in your own time of grief, just because someone said so. They don't know.

Grief is natural, and it is necessary to process all of the feelings and not just bury them. It is also necessary to take breaks from grief so that it does not become completely overwhelming.

Usually during grief, the only solace that can be found is during sleep. Within just a few seconds of waking up, the memory of the circumstance floods back in and the conscious mind is again held in grief. Solace and peace can also be found in the above poem, when used as a meditation. Thoughts are deliberately ceased, and just the pleasant physical sensations and the breath are given full attention. Maybe you can only do this for a few seconds at a time, maybe for a few minutes, but it will help you to feel better, if even only slightly.

When dealing with a loss, please know that although it may not seem so right now, you will be able to find happiness again.

You may never ever "get over" some losses, but you can still get through them and find the strength to carry on. Your grief may only subside if you reach out to others who have endured the same, or in some way help those who are going through what you went through.

We all face challenges in life, and we never can tell when they are going to happen. Though they may never seem fair or make sense, we still need to find a way to live, and not just exist, in the time we ourselves are given here.

Strength and love to you always,



  1. I really needed this now. I'm hurting so much and am trying to think positive but it isn't easy. I read the poem but in my mind I just hurt more. You're right, however, about sleep bringing some relief. I have to go now...the pain is so hard to bear.

    1. Dear Evalinda, I'm so sorry, dear. Take it one day, one hour, or if you have to, one breath at a time. Love, strength, and prayers of healing to you. Love, Doe


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