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Aren't we all just flowers in the sun?

Aren't we all just flowers in the sun?
We start small. We live through sunny days which help us grow, rains which nourish our souls, and storms which nearly end us, yet we survive.
But, flowers have no fear. They grow without worry of envy from other flowers, they don't feel inferior to those taller, or superior to those not quite as tall.
Wouldn't it be sad if a flower didn't bloom at all, for fear that it's colors wouldn't be as bright, or that it's petals may not be good enough for the world?
Each one blooms in it's own way, knowing without knowing, that's all there is to life.
Each one has worth.
It really doesn't matter if you are an early or late bloomer, just as long as you make sure to bloom to your full potential.
Enjoy your time in the sun.
By Doe Zantamata


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