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Inner Peace in Life

Inner Peace in Life - By Doe Zantamata

A big part of inner peace is to live a life with no regrets.

Forgive yourself and others, and move on. Enjoy your life. Easier said than done? Not really. It’s actually much easier to do than you may think.

Every morning, awaken not just to a new day, but to a new life. Pretend in your mind that each day is literally, a new life. Don’t pretend so much that you scream to see a stranger in your bed who is your spouse, or decide that those credit card bills must belong to someone else, since you were only born this morning….those are physical realities that need to be maintained for more than just one day.

But any pain that happened months before, or decades before, imagine it happened in another life. A life that does not affect, or have anything to do with, the one in which you live today. Harm that was caused to you years ago won’t be allowed to live in your thoughts each new day just to RE-harm you over and over. Your brain can’t tell a first time experience from a memory. When you remember bad things, your mind is literally RE-living them over and over. It happened, and nothing can ever take that away, but it happened lifetimes ago. You still have a lifetime now, and lifetimes ahead of you. It doesn’t have to own you, and it can’t own you, unless you keep it alive in your mind.

How do you stop thinking of awful memories? Thinking of them has become a habit. So you have to start a new habit. Deliberately think of good things in your life today instead. Keep your mind busy, either with those good thoughts, or with no thoughts at all. Learn to meditate, to sit in silence and clear your mind of absolutely all thoughts. To just be, and to breathe.

The second part is to pretend inside that you will die each evening when you go to sleep. This makes enormous changes in all the little things throughout the day. Suddenly, petty arguments won’t be worth it. Suddenly, food tastes better. Everything slows down. Hugs last longer. Eye contact is held just a little bit longer. Keep that pretend awareness alive inside you as many minutes of the day that you can, that all these experiences you’re having, all the words you say, everything you do is to be cherished, and will be cherished. Make the time to tell other people that you appreciate them. To the people who you love, be conscious of the words “I love you” when you say them. Many times, that poetic, magical phrase turns into an emotionless ending to conversations, with no more weight than “goodbye.” Make it mean something by putting your emotion back into it.

They say you never know what you have until you lose it. That’s also only true if you allow it to be. Doesn’t make more sense to appreciate what you have WHILE you have it? Appreciate each person in your life WHILE they are there? Don’t save the nice things for speeches at funerals…say them as many times as you think them. Coffins don’t have ears, and they can’t hug you or say thank you.

Awaken each day with the freshness and promise of a new birth, live each day meaningfully and gratefully, and retire at night filled with peace in your heart and not a single regret in the world.


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  1. As much as the thought is beautiful so is the photograph which itself makes you serene and peaceful.


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